Monday, September 10, 2012


This post was about a day I spent in the mountains on July 24th.  Also check it out HERE in my Wordpress site.

Today was another amazing day in the Tetons.  In the summertime here each day here is pretty much amazing.  I know it can be annoying when someone over uses the word amazing.  Oh well.  It is.  Amazing!
One of my default running locations is Teton Canyon.  What a gift to have this AMAZING place right out my front door!  Most of the time the magnetic pull of Table Mountain is too much for me to resist.  The climb up the Face Trail is a vertical gift that keeps giving the whole way up.  Today I decided to zig instead of zag.
I took the Alaska Basin Trail which heads straight through the entirety of Teton Canyon.  I opted 3 miles in to ascend The Devil’s Stairs and run along the shelf.  This little detour lifts you over 1,000 feet in 0.9 miles.  Blue skies abounded and the wildflowers were going off up here as I floated amongst a sea of colors as far as the eye could see.
As pretty as the view was, the smells on the trail were equally AMAZING.  Thanks to a thunderstorm the night before, the trails were soft and squishy with the scent of the earth permeating the forest on the canyon floor.  As I rose higher into the mountains the various evergreens and pines took over and freshened the air in a way those little cardboard trees could only dream of.  Up above 10,000 feet it was all about the wildflowers.  Their sweetness wafted heavily through the air as I strode along.  It reminded me of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz falling asleep in the poppies.  The bees buzzed and I was in a slice of Heaven!
Next I ran through the Sheep’s Steps and across Alaska Basin before turning my feet loose for the descent back through the entire length of the canyon.  The sun shone on my face.  My feet splashed through water crossings.  My heart pounded in my chest.  My spirit soared all the way through this AMAZING place.
These are the experiences that we carry with us through our years.  Those moments in time when we are so present and connected to all that is around us.  This is the life I am building for myself and that I want to share with all of those in my life that are dear to me.  This is an AMAZING life.  The best is yet to come….
P.S.-  I am so lucky to live in this AMAZING place.  I have very purposefully been constructing this ideal life.  Check out one of the tools I have been using to increase my flexibility so that the world can be my playground HERE.

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