Monday, September 10, 2012

Time to Clean it up!

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I love to eat good food.  Not always good for you food, but things that taste good to me.  Sometimes that is craving an entire pizza after a long mountain adventure.  Graeter’s ice cream!  Sometimes your body tells you it is craving certain things and you give it what it wants.  Sweet.  Salty.  Crunchy.  Hot.  Cold.  Comfort foods.  Fruits and veggies.
I fell that I am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to health and nutrition.  I have taken the time to educate myself.  This means digging below the surface of all the propaganda put out by the food industry machine in this country.
Obesity rates 1985
Example:  The dairy council and the FDA “recommend” that you drink three 8 oz glasses of milk a day.  Why?  Vitamin D and to build strong bones?  Vitamin D does not naturally occur in cow’s milk.  They PUT it in there.  The sun is the best source of vitamin D for our bodies.  Go natural.  It is not natural for humans to consume such massive quantities of another animal’s milk.  Cow’s milk is designed to help baby cows during their early developmental stages to become healthy adult cows.  Even the baby cows have enough sense to quit drinking cow’s milk at a certain point in their life.  Is it any wonder that we are becoming a nation of big fat cows?
Obesity rates 2007
I am going to save the full argument against cow’s milk for a post of its own.  My point here is that I generally know how to eat cleaner and more healthy than most people take the time or effort to do.  Even with all of this knowledge I still indulge at times.  I believe that if you can hit the clean and healthy mark 90% of the time that along with a regular regiment of exercise one can stay very trim and fit.  AND!  You can still indulge once in a while so that deprivation does not turn into a major cave-in to your indulgences.
This is how I feel when eating clean and running strong.
That being said, I have been sliding further away from that 90% clean and healthy mark for the last few weeks.  I recognize this in myself and am using this blog to be tied to the rack and have my public purification for the error of my ways!  I just need to swing back the other way.  Re-entrench myself with my healthier habits and get back on the fast train with my running and mountain adventures.  I am always amazed at how fast I can get back in the proper groove. It usually takes 2-3 days of some extra clean eating and one really long run.
THE best ice cream I have ever put in my mouth.  Period.
Besides the upside of feeling lighter and more energetic all around……it makes the pizza and Graeter’s ice cream taste that much better!

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